Professional Consultancy

PFT Worldwide is equipped with years of proven experience to provide professional engineering consultancy with a strong emphasis on project implementation (as opposed to merely paying lip service). Given a specific set of requirements and constraints the company will conduct a thorough assessment (including on-site study) of the situation before coming up with design concept and project proposal to client. A 2-way communication process with client is deemed absolutely necessary during the concept phase to ensure full alignment of the proposed solution with the client’s expectations.

Planing and Engineering
Project Management and Process Engineering

PFT’s track record of having successfully designed and installed various kinds of innovative systems for a diverse range of industries has its basis on the systematic and meticulous approach it adopts during the planning process. From the time of taking in an order, the various activities (ranging from order processing to designing, process engineering, purchasing and fabrication) are closely managed with the help of professional project management tool. At the same time, constant reference are being made to the specific requirements of the client and a comprehensive and detailed set of technical instructions and drawings generated in order to facilitate equipment sizing and selection, parts fabrication and system integration. The result is that critical project activities are well coordinated, synchronized and closely tracked to ensure meeting delivery schedule while, at the same time, a high level of product quality is achieved.

Optimal Design Systems

Customer’s inputs and comments are crucial during design conceptualization. PFT uses the latest computer-aided-design software to help in generating the various possible design configurations and in choosing the best one from among them. The process involves repeated computer simulations without losing sight of a client’s key requirements. The design system is thus progressively fine tuned and enhanced until an optimal design is achieved.