PFT Worldwide Corporation Sdn. Bhd.

PFT Worldwide Corporation was incorporated in Malaysia in 1993 to provide professional engineering service in the design and manufacture of industrial systems (including turnkey projects and stand-alone equipment). Today, it is a well established company in Malaysia and is recognized internationally with quality products and expertise exported to many countries including Singapore, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and the Middle East. The company owns much of its success to an unwavering emphasis on a combination of professionalism and state-of-the-art technology resulting in superior products that yield optimal operational performance to delight of customer. Whatever your requirements PFT Worldwide provides an optimal solution leading to products that you will be proud to own.

PFT Worldwide offers a wide range of industrial systems and /or equipment that will meet the exact specifications of the customer. The company’s core competencies lie in designing and building the following:


  • Paint/Powder Coating System
  • Pvdf (Fluorocarbon) Coating System
  • Electro-Deposition Coating System
  • Metal Cleaning and Treatment System
  • Conveyors and Materials Handling System
  • Air Pollution Control System
  • Automatic Shot Blasting System
  • Latex Gloves Production Line
  • Industrial Oven, Blower and Fan
  • Wastewater Treatment System
  • Polymer for Wastewater Treatment System

Commitment Toward Excellence

PFT Worldwide adopts a totally integrated approach to fulfill the needs of our customer. This involves using the following systematic 6-step process:

  • Feasibility Study
  • System Design
  • Fabrication
  • System Integration
  • Testing & Debugging
  • After-sales Service

Each step is meticulously carried out in order to achieve final system optimization. What really distinguishes us from our competitors is our commitment to accord the highest level of personalized and professional service to ensure that our valued customers get the best they deserve. Our wealth of experience accumulated from a diverse range of projects undertaken in both local and international arena bear testimony to our capability and confidence to take on challenges regardless of project size.